cPige, shoutcast / icecast stream downloader

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cPige - Downloads

Version 1.5


cpige GUI 1.5


cPige - Usage

cPige help. cPige is a Laurent Coustet product.
For more informations about me and my software,
please visit http://old.ed.zehome.com/

Usage: ./cpige -c path/to/cpige.conf
    -c path/to/cpige.conf.

What is cPige ?

cPige is a tool for webradios that want to backup their stream on a 1 day period. cPige is listening to an icecast/shoutcast webradio, and write the stream using 2 different methods: Artist - Title.mp3, or in Pige mode, cPige write files like 0.mp3 1.mp3 .. corresponding to the current hour. Each mp3 should be 60 min long. Existing files are overwriten. So you can keep 1 day streaming 24/7.

Since 1.4, it's possible to backup more than 1 day of streaming. Moreover, since 1.3, you can choose on which interval cPige should cut files.

Why writing another program to do that ?!

As not any backup software is doing what cPige does!

StreamRipper is better than cPige in some conditions, but is not adapted to webradio backing up!

Older versions

Version 1.4-2

Version 1.4

Version 1.3-1

Version 1.3

Version 1.2

Version 1.0


cPige is licensed under GNU/GPL v2.


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Thanks to the #hurdfr@freenode team, who helped me understand fflush(3) and asynchronous writing.

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Thanks to Veit Wahlich for his work on redhat packages (RPM)

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